Sex Tip #8: Dirty maid games at the hotel by Kaira & Glenn

Sex Tip #8: Dirty maid games at the hotel by Kaira & Glenn

About Kaira & Glenn

He is a business consultant, and she is a flight attendant. I bet you won’t find out where we met. Yes, at high school. But we both love traveling and having sex in different places. We are formerly from eastern Europe, but nowadays we live in Chicago. We had moved here 5 years ago.  

How we made it up

It’s a bit embarrassing story. And also an amazing coincidence. One day, about two years ago, Glenn went to New York, and I went to Montreal. We both had a night at a hotel. When we are apart, we are used to making a phone call to each other at the end of the day to talk about what our day was alike. But then Glenn asks me if anything special happened to me that day. And I started laughing. What? What’s going on, he asks. And I must confess to him. I was caught masturbating by the maid. Then Glenn felt in insane laughter. Hey STOP IT, I said. Glenn said: “You won’t believe me. It happened to me last month too. But I was so embarrassed, so I couldn’t tell you.” 

A few weeks later we went for a weekend in New York together. And I had a surprise for Glenn. When we are preparing to have sex and I dressed up in the maid’s costume. He was erecting and horny as never before. And the sex was marvelous. Later we sharpened this hobby to perfection. 

How to do it

1) Book a nice hotel room

2) Buy a sexy maid outfit

Here are several ideas. I must admit that I own all of them by now. 

3) Choose your perfect scenario

It’s only about your imagination, but we would like to share our best with you. And tell you why we love it. 

He is getting caught

G: It feels so dirty to be caught by someone you don’t even know. I feel like a bad boy who needs to be punished. 

K: I am a bit of a voyeur, so I like to watch for a while. Then I am so lascivious and can’t wait a single minute to blow his beautiful dick. 

She is getting caught

K: I like to play it like: I saw you in the lobby and then I must touch your shirts and smell it. Then he is a bit angry and I had to be punished for such a rule breaker.  

G: What the hell is she doing with my stuff? Why she rubs my shirts on her naked body? Her naked beautiful body. I must show her how to treat VIP guests. 

He is a Hotel manager and she is the newcomer

G: Oh God. Why did we hire her. She just can’t do her job right. If she wasn’t that hot I would fire her right now. 

K: Sir, please don’t fire me. I really need this job. I can do everything for you. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Please spank me so I remember how to make a bed correctly.  

Why we love it

According to our jobs, we kind of love hotels. And there is nothing better if we can join our two passions.

And what’s your tip on how to enjoy nights in hotels?

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