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Sex Tip #7: 5 things you should buy on Aliexpress before starting your kink journey by Anne & Rick

About Anne & Rick

Hello, sexy couples! We are Anne and Rick. We are here to show you the top 5 things we purchased when we started our kink journey 5 years ago. Just after our kids left our home to the dorm. Finally! 

How we made it up

I dreamed about it a long time ago, but then we had 3 kids and almost none time just for us. Our usual sex was a quickie on Friday morning. I am so glad that we made it, and our marriage did not spread apart. Must tell you, it was a hell of a long 25 years. And now all of our kids went to the dorm. So we finally have some time to work on our marriage if you know what I mean. In those years, we build up a great habit to openly communicate what we like, and what drives us to paradise as soon as possible. So one day I said to Rick: “you know what I would love to do? I want you to make me your slut.” And I saw that Rick is immediately hard as a rock. We started exploring this area, and it was so much fun. Later we started to purchase some kinky toys. Some of them were great, and some of them just useless. Here is the list of toys we find out most delightful. 

1) Open Leg Restraints

Why we love it

I just feel so vulnerable wearing these. It’s like “Come on Master do everything you want with me!” I enjoy this while being spanked or fingered. Or you can build your own as Josh and Tina suggest here.

2) Head mask 

Why we love it

“What’s going on? What’s going to happen with me now?” That’s just a few of my thoughts during the start of our Rendez-Vous. And it feels so dirty to be incognito. Anyone could seize me. 

3) Riding Crop

Why we love it

Come on! It wouldn’t be a great kink session without a spanking. And why we love Riding crops? You can easily hit the spot you want. 

4) Anal plugs

Why we love it

I must admit that I’m not a big fan of anal sex. But that feeling that something is put in my backdoor without my full will. It is just indescribable. Of course, I wouldn’t be happy if Rick fully exploits my vulnerability, but with these small things, I’m more then happy. 

5)  Under Bed Restraint

Why we love it

Hahaha! You can’t run away. You can’t move. You can’t stop it. You just can surrender. Just kidding, always have a safe word, and do not worry to use it. But if you both know where the limits are, this is a hell of a great purchase. 

And what is your favorite BDSM sex toys?

Quick tip: Before you buy anything Think Before You Kink

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