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Sex Tip #6: Visit Burlesque show by Donatella & Chris

About Donatella & Chris

Hi there! We are Maggie and Chris, and we would love to share our latest experience from this weekend with you. BTW 8 years married and living in Southern Europe.

How we made it up

It was a few weeks before my husband’s birthday, and I was thinking about how to surprise him. Quite often we are visiting theaters, diners or concerts. But this year I wanted to bring something special to him. And then I figured it out. We will visit the Burlesque show. I quite know what to expect, but still, I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. But Chris was excited even more. Before the show, we had gone for dinner and start talking about what it will be like. Then we went to the place where the show is going to be held. It wasn’t a sleazy place at all. It was a luxury place like from a different century and a whole different world. Imagine it. The live music is playing there and the beautiful chanson singer sings. We ordered some drinks and then the show started. I must admit I am not interested in other women’s bodies. But this made me so excited. Sexy music started playing and the curtain went up. And then we saw the first dancer. The joint of sexy music, beautiful costume, and graceful doubt of a little bit chubby dancer were so hot. There was a sexy buzz and feeling all around us. The show took around two hours, but we did not bore even a second.

What you will need

It’s not cheap fun but it worth it every single euro. And we also recommend you to have a private space after the end of the show.

What Chris like it most about it

I was so surprised that Maggie bought me this. I know that it is not a classical striptease show, but it doesn’t lower my excitement at all. The whole evening is so full of sexual buzz and beautiful bodies. The dancers are so professional in the escalation of excitement.

What Donatella like it most about it

I was a bit scared about this evening. Am I going to like it? Is it going to be cheap? But all of these thoughts were wrong. The environment was elegant and the lighting was so intimate. I would recommend it to all women who want to make their husbands happy. And trust me, you won’t sleep alone that night.

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