DIY Spreader Bar

Sex Tip #5: Making DIY Spreader bar under 6$ by Josh & Tina

About Josh & Tina 

We are happily married full-time BDSM couple, living in northern Europe. No kids. Two dogs.

How we made it up

Every month we are looking for a new sex toy we could buy. And last month we pick a spreader bar. But we were quite disturbed about the price. Why such an elementary item should cost over 30 USD. We can make it on our own.  

What you will need

  • wooden pole
  • black duck tape
  • threaded eyelets
  • Tubex

The advantage is to have a small screwdriver. 

How to do it

  1. Cut the pole and Tubex for around 60 cm (23.6 inches). Or any size that is comfortable for you. 
  2. Start to screw eyelets to the top and bottom of the pole. Be sure you have these ones, so you do not need to drill holes. A screwdriver can help you like a handle when turning the eyelets.
  3. Screw the other two eyelets in the middle of the pole. 
  4. Tear or cut the Tubex along its entire length
  5. Put Tubex on the pole
  6. Wrap the spreader bar with black tape along its entire length.
  7. Have fun!

What Josh like it most about it

I am actually really proud of myself that I could make it. But what I like about it when we are playing? That she is completely desperate and I can tease her as long as I want. 

What Tina like it most about it

It makes me so wet when I am bondage so my master can do everything with me. And the spreader bar makes easier for me not to put my legs together when I am shaking in orgasms.

Need ideas about the spreader bar? Check this page on Kinkly  

Share your own DIY sex toys with us.

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