How to squirt

Sex tip #30: Everything You Need To Know About Squirt by Sasha Linch

Squirt, or female ejaculation, is one of the most intriguing things you could experience in the bedroom. Squirting comes when a woman expels fluid from the vulva during sex. It can arrive from creatinine, urea, and other items released from the lower part of the urethra. In short, the woman is not urinating but is instead expelling other things she produces there.

Squirting is a thrill that any woman could enjoy during sex. You can get a squirt going too if you know how you’re managing your body for sex.

What Does Squirt Feel Like?

Squirt is an activity that feels different from anything else you might experience when having sex. Squirt gives you a full rush of stimulation. You will feel a release when you squirt, plus your body will feel less stress.

How Can You Get It?

There are many ways how you can get squirt:

  1. Your G-spot needs stimulation.

Squirt is easier to attain when the G-spot is stimulated. This effort may work alongside clitoral stimulation to help you feel your best. Blood can move in the area when you start stimulating yourself.

  1. Clear your mind of whatever stresses you have.

You might struggle to produce a squirt when you’re distracted by other thoughts. Start relaxing early on in the day and begin focusing on whatever sex you plan on having later.

  1. Don’t feel stressed out about urinating.

Many women fail to squirt because they are afraid of urinating in the process. Avoid thinking about urinating, and focus more on the sexual activities you’re planning.

  1. A sex toy can always help.

Additional support always works when you’re trying to stimulate your body. A sex toy can reach around the clitoral area and cause some positive sensations in the region, building to the effort.

  1. Keep your pelvic floor muscles under control.

Don’t tighten the pelvic muscles while having sex. Push your muscles outward as you have sex. Think of it as if you were trying to push out whatever urine you’re trying to expel. It can take practice to make this work, but it will be worthwhile if you know what can happen.

What If You Can’t Get It?

There are times when you might struggle to produce a squirt, but there are a few things you can do if you’re not making it work out well:

  • Look at what you’re thinking about when having sex. Sometimes you might struggle to produce a squirt because of your body’s natural impulse to try to keep things from coming out of there.
  • Practice your sexual work a few times as necessary. Putting in a bit of effort helps when trying to create something unique.
  • Time your sex around when you feel comfortable. You might not produce a squirt because your mind isn’t ready for sex, or you’re not in the right attitude. Remember – sex is not about pressure

Preparing For Squirt

There are a few things you can do to prepare for whatever squirt might develop:

  • Be prepared for any amount of squirt you might produce. You could generate a small bit, or you could generate something substantial.
  • Be sure the surfaces around your place for sex are comfortable and easy to clean. The best sheets for sex that Furnpeak reviews can handle whatever squirt, lube, ejaculate, or other things might appear during sex, plus they are easy to clean.
  • Keep the mood in your sex space at ease. Keep the sex toys in reach, and ensure there aren’t any unnecessary distractions in the area.

Squirt is easy to manage if you know what you’re doing when having sex. You’ll love the experience when you know what’s happening and how you can produce squirt.

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