Femdom test

Sex tip #29: Measure his love by Sophie and Jim

About Sophie and Jim

Hi guys! We are a full-time female-led relationship, and today I will recount the story of how we fell in love. During the day, I work as a chef at a restaurant and Jim as a CFO at a tech company. 

How we made it up

Before Jim, I had many relationships, but none of my former partners could take the test. I invented that in high school with my first boyfriend, who was addicted to pornography. 

How to do it

Firstly tie your partner naked on the chair in front of the TV or a computer. Tie his hand behind his back, and ankles to the chair legs. His balls and dick should overlap the chair.

Then give him a brief blow job to erect him while he is fully erect, tie on the top of his penis loop with the weight, and play his favorite porn. Then secretly start measure time and stop when the weight hits the floor. Give him a small break, tie weight again, and then start your personal best erotic show for him and also measure time. When the weight falls, stop the show and compare those two times. Now, you see what is hotter for him. You or porn? If he fails, you should punish him, and if he is loved within you, then he deserves a reward. 

What Jim likes the most about it

I had no idea what was happening in the first place. In the middle of her show, I began to understand what was going on, but I had no problem staying hard as long as she wanted. 

What Sophie likes the most about it

Jim was the first one who could pass my test. After I reward him with one of my significant blow jobs he asked me what would happen if he wouldn’t pass the test. So I began to describe to him every sentence that would follow. At that point, I saw that he had been harder than before. And that’s how our femdom journey started. 

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