Sex Tip #25: Too hot to handle home edition by Lowri & Hector

Sex Tip #25: Too hot to handle home edition by Lowri & Hector

About Lowri & Hector

We are a couple in our late 20s. Living in … sorry, we don’t want to specify that. We will just say it’s on the west part of the globe. We love to challenge ourselves, and even more, we love to challenge each other. In the bedroom without exception. We’ve done some really crazy stuff, but this one we consider worth spreading with the World, coz it can entertain lots of you, principally if you are both at home.    

How we made it up

I must confide a dirty and embarrassing secret about us to you. We secretly love reality shows! The stupider it is, we love it more. The perfect discovery, we found out Netflix’s show – Too hot to handle. I bet you already heard of it. If you didn’t, you must catch this 9×40 minutes of cringe worthiness. So last week we finally finished this series with our jaw drops and started to talk about what it would be like to experience this, what we would behave like etc., but we would have one serious problem with it. We are not flinks. We are deeply committed to each other. So I came up with THE idea. Let’s try it for a week, and when one of us fails, he/she will have to do a penalty task picked by the other one.  

How to do it

First of all, set up the rules. Here’s the list of ours.

  1. We can have a good night kiss once in a day
  2. No sex at all
  3. No touching each other
  4. No kissing
  5. No masturbation

Then write down the penalty tasks for each other. Every single one of the tasks on a different piece of paper. Then mark them with numbers from 1 to 7. And don’t show it. 

Here’s the list of my penalty tasks for Hector

  1. Call your mother immediately
  2. Wash all the dishes
  3. Clean the toilet
  4. Bake a cake
  5. Buy me a gift in the worth of 100$
  6. Watch porn, but no masturbation
  7. Let me masturbate with no penalty task

And Hector’s list for me

  1. Do daily shopping 
  2. Take a selfie with your boss
  3. Spend a day with no panties
  4. Play with your nipples, but don’t come
  5. Order a new sex toy
  6. Write me a sex story about us
  7. Photograph professional boudoir photos for me

And now comes the fun phase. Do everything you can to force that second one to break the rules. Flirt as much as you can, be irresistible, do as many activities that your other half finds so sexy about you. And trust me, they will sooner or later break those rules. And now it’s the time for penalty task. Muahahaha! 

What Hector likes the most about it

As Lowri mentioned earlier, we love to challenge each other. Even our first kiss developed from a bet. So I fell in love with this idea instantly. I tried my best, and behave well for two days, but when she started preparing my favorite cream pie, naked, and with the cream all over her breasts and saying “Oh look at me, I am such a dirty girl”. I wasn’t able not to lick it. I had to do all the tasks since day number 4. 

What Lowri likes the most about it

I almost forget how Hector can be irresistible and flirtatious. I thought, he will surrender, when I ask him to wash my hair, but he seems though back then, so I have to come up with a stronger caliber. I started to sleep in my translucent lace nightgown. He acted like there is nothing special about it. So the next day I hit his weak point – my famous cream cake. And then he succumbed for the first time. But don’t think I was hard as a rock the whole time. When Hector started to change the oil in our car and I saw his mussels covered with sweat and oil, I was doomed. 

So, in conclusion. The reason why you should try it is that you will have to flirt with each other as best as you can if you want to win. Flirt is amazing with someone you love, so don’t forget about that, especially in long term relationships.  And I bet you will find out, that your partner is too hot to handle.    

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