Sex Tip #24: Completely Hooked! by The Secret Submissive & Sir

Sex Tip #24: Completely Hooked! by The Secret Submissive & Sir

ABOUT The Secret Submissive & Sir

I’m an owned submissive who uses her experiences and desires to write the hottest,
honest and immersive BDSM erotica. Sir works behind the scenes to provide endless inspiration and
to fulfil those steamy desires!



Sub was told clearly what was going to happen to her and she nodded her head to indicate she understood. I sent her upstairs to set out the lube, leather belt and hook, before stripping to her underwear and affixing her collar tightly around her neck. I loved the thought of her waiting obediently in the corner: nose to the wall; hands on her head; feet apart, and head lowered.

My heart was already drumming in my chest when he arrived, closing and locking the door. He towered over me, brandishing the hook, and smirking wickedly as my eyes widened in apprehension. Upon his request, I wrapped my palm around the weighted ball-end and then smoothed my hand up and down the cold, curved shaft. It was so much heavier than I had thought and I couldn’t even imagine how it would feel inside me.

I took her by her hair, on tiptoe, to the bed and pulled her over my knee, enjoying the way her mind and body tugged between fear and yearning. Sliding my hand inside her knickers, I could feel that she was as excited as me so I lubed my fingers to prepare her for the large, round end of the hook. 

“It’s too big, Sir!” she whined and pouted as I lowered her knickers, ready to insert the shiny instrument of pleasure and pain.

“Yes, Sub – it’s a monster… it’s going to fill you right up,” I chuckled, spreading her cheeks and squirting on a little more lube. “Are you ready?”

Sir placed the hook on my lower back as he eased a finger inside my tightest hole, drawing a long groan from my lips. As he gently stretched and fingered me, my body relaxed and I began to hunger for more. I needed to feel the hook inside me! After slowly teasing and pushing and stretching me, finally, the hook popped into my arse and I felt my body tighten around it. It wasn’t going anywhere. As I tried to adjust to the sensation, I realised that the fun was only just beginning for Sir…

With a simple command, she placed her hands behind her back so I could tie them tightly with the leather belt. Pulling the thick chain over her exposed arse, I attached it to the hook and gave it a sharp jerk, watching her squeal. One tug was enough to ensure her only thoughts were of compliance. As she settled back against my thigh, I looped the chain around the belt and pulled it tight, attaching it to the collar and restricting her movement, completely. After thirty seconds of struggle, I allowed her a little slack so she had the necessary options. After a further few minutes, I could tell from the expression on her face that she would soon be ready to give me her best blow-job ever.


Purchase a good quality anal hook, from a reputable retailer and make sure the end is screwed on securely before you begin. Take your time inserting the hook – this part is equally as exciting as the fun to follow so don’t rush it! Use plenty of lube and gently stretch the anus with fingers and/ or smaller toys first, making sure you stop if there’s any discomfort. If you’re fully relaxed, it shouldn’t hurt. Once the hook is in place, position your partner’s wrists behind their back and secure with something sturdy but comfortable; we use a belt but Velco cuffs would work just as well. When you’re securing the hook to their collar, make sure you lift their chin slightly, to create that delicious tug! Remember to keep communicating and if the feeling of fullness or the choking sensation gets too much, make sure you’re able to loosen the connection easily. That’s why we prefer to use a chain, as it’s easy to adjust!


  • Anal hook
  • Chain or rope
  • Collar
  • Belt or cuffs
  • Lube
  • Trust and consent
  • Safeword
  • Blindfold and gag are optional extras but highly recommended!


I adore my sub and always make sure she is very well looked after, but I love the challenge presented to her with a snugly fitted anal hook attached to her tightly bound wrists and then to her collar. 

The short chain connecting these makes her constantly re-evaluate her priorities. If she moves her wrists too far one way, the air supply is restricted, though the pressure on her ass is eased. Too far the other way and her lungs can enjoy all the oxygen she needs but the ball on the hook is pushed uncomfortably deeper into her gorgeous ass. Maintaining a happy medium is never easy, especially when I can distract her in so many different ways. 

I find after 30 minutes restricted in this way, she is very grateful to have the hook removed; eager to be put over my knee, to be disciplined as I choose, and keen to demonstrate her oral skills, showing me just how much she appreciates every drop of my cum.


I love the feeling of being completely and utterly at Sir’s mercy and to be tied up in this way means that I have to trust him, completely, which I do! The feeling of being in his hands is extremely powerful and very intimate and really turns me on. However, I never feel less than safe and secure, even though I am entirely powerless.

I enjoy anal play a lot and the shape of the hook, together with its weight and size, certainly hits the right spot. Sir likes to intersperse spanking with rubbing and fingering when I’m tied up like this and all that stimulation gets me dripping wet, very quickly! 

As Sir mentioned, the hook is a challenge and I love balancing the discomfort of my arse and throat as I squirm and wriggle. It’s really good for helping me to develop more control and gets me super excited for whatever Sir chooses to throw my way, once he releases me!

We would say, approach this one sensibly but definitely give it a try! It will quickly become one of your favourites!


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