Sex Tip #23: Have Czech Easter by Tomas & Petra

Sex Tip #23: Have Czech Easter by Tomas & Petra

About Tomas & Petra

Hi everyone, we are Petra and Tomáš, and we are from the Czech Republic (central Europe). We are married for 40 years now and have two children and five grandchildren. We used to own a hotel in Prague than we sold it, and now we are traveling around the world. Now we would like to tell you a story about whipping on Easter’s Monday.

How we made it up 

We actually didn’t. It’s a tradition in our country. Every boy and man, old or young, knit a whip from young twigs of osier. It’s usually made from 8 twigs, but can be made even for 4 our 6. And then they go from house to house and whip every girl and woman, old or young. That’s horrible, you must say! Actually, it’s a lot of fun, even for girls. But one thing must be clear straight away. This whipping is not in the form of corporal punishment. It’s really gently whipping on her’s bottom with reciting an eclogue. And then all the boys will get an egg, chocolate or the older ones, shot of plum brandy. Sounds weird to you? Let me resolve why we do that. The mythology about it is the following. The power from the young twigs of osier will pass to the girl’s body through whipping and she will be healthy and beautiful all year long. So basically, it is not about sex at all…. until the end of the day…Muhahaha. 

But this is not a tradition, we reached that many couples do this, but with consent and as a part of the sexual encounter. It has nothing in common with the Czech traditions.  

So what we do at the end of the day? We get whipped, and now, it’s in the form of corporal punishment. And it’s so fucking awesome. The easter whip is one of the best things for spanking, sadly it only lasts for a few days. 

What you will need 

  • twigs of osier (at least 12)
  • a little skill
  • decorative ribbons

How to do it  

Follow these steps:

Or watch it here on YouTube 

Sadly it’s only in the Czech language, but I’m sure you will get it only by watching it.   

Why Tomas loves it

Generally speaking, I really like spanking. I love the feeling of the power upon my lovely wife’s bottom. And at Easter time, it’s even better with all the escalation. It starts with the twigs cutting, whip knitting, formal part of Easter and then we end it up with proper spanking behind closed doors.   

Why Petra loves it

How I mentioned before, the Easter whip is a perfect tool for spanking. It’s not that tough as a cane, but spicier than flog. It’s also great to know the whole year, that this special spanking will come only once in a year.  

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