Sex Tip #22: Sex near fireplace by Amanda & Sam

Sex Tip #22: Sex near the fireplace by Amanda & Sam

About Natali & Mike

We are a married couple with two beautiful kids. And those little monsters are the reason we have such a lack of sex life. Just kidding, we love them more than anything in this world. We both also have very stressful work in a travel agency, and the current situation in the world doesn’t stimulate us as well. Consequently, we were more than happy when one of our best friends allow us to use his cottage deep in forests. We gave our children to my sister, so they can play a bit with their cousins and we were ready to go. We packed a few bottles of wine, and I also secretly packed sexy lingerie for the evening. We literally can’t wait for this weekend. 

Shortly after the arrival, we discovered a huge fireplace in the middle of the living room. So we immediately fired it up. We started preparing dinner, drinking wine, and laugh as we didn’t a long time before. It doesn’t take a long time, and we couldn’t resist this absolute reunion of our love and also the lust. Sam laid me down on a fluffy fur and started to kiss me all over my naked body. And that all happened just by the flaring of firelight. It was heard only the crackling of the wood and my not quite noiseless moaning. Everything has been just so intimate and romantic. That evening we had absolutely fulfilling sex like we didn’t have since our honeymoon.

What you will need 

Besides the fireplace, you will need time with unconditionally no distraction. It’s really important to turn off all your cell phones and don’t think about any emails you need to deal with. Come on. Just spend some high-quality time together. Everything can wait for one or two nights. 

What Amanda likes about it

When I heard about our friend’s offer, I just can’t wait. Being in the middle of nature, without news, work, and close to my amazing husband. That evening, when we were together, sipped wine, I felt so right. And I was also full of desire. The same desire I also saw in Sam’s eyes. I consider them absolutely irresistible in any situation but seeing that huge amount of desire made me really soaked. It was such an amazing feeling that he still desires for me, and want to enjoy sex with me like we just met. I also enjoyed the tickling of fur on my back and butt.  

What Sam likes about it

Lately, we didn’t have time or even mood for an intimate time together, and I was really craving for Amanda. I was so glad that I could express my feelings to her again. I am still very aroused by her body and every single one of her sensual moves. When I saw the little devils in her eyes while she was watching the light in the fireplace, I couldn’t do anything else than hug her and kiss her passionately. We left all worries and stress behind and absolutely gave ourselves to each other. Every single moan of her made me crave for her even more. I must admit that hearing popping the fireplace, flaring of firelight, and sexy body of your wife underneath you is really sexy.   

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