Sex Tip #20: How to Have Amazing Sex with Other Couples by

Sex Tip #20: How to Have Amazing Sex with Other Couples by

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? If you’re bored of toys and Google isn’t giving you any positions you haven’t tried, maybe it’s time to explore having sex with other couples. After all, non-monogamy is more popular now than ever, especially among young people. Couples and singles everywhere are finally beginning to understand that yes, you CAN have an “open” dating life that is both ethical and fulfilling for everyone involved – even when you’re in a committed relationship, as with swinging. 

Will it take some work? Definitely. But the rewards can be exquisite…

Meet local swingers for free at

This isn’t just a plug. SwingTowns is the place to go whether you’re a full-time swinger or you’ve never heard of it before — and it’s been that way since our start way back in 2001. Known as “the world’s friendliest dating site,” we’ve built a community of millions who embody every bit of the spectrum of non-monogamy. That includes everything from straight “open” couples to unicorns, queer polyamorous throuples, and everything in between. Why? 

Because other popular dating sites don’t get it right. 

They think everyone is looking for the same thing (i.e. that “Cinderella meets Prince Charming and they lived in missionary-ever-after…”), leaving millions and millions unserved. Truth is, plenty of people like to sleep around, and they have since the dawn of our existence. It’s only fair that they get a platform, too. SwingTowns is proud to be that platform.

By offering free memberships to any adult who wants to join, we are truly the most inclusive dating site out there. We asked our members why they love our site. According to Gia from Wisconsin, it’s easy.

“SwingTowns gives me the freedom to express myself sexually in an environment that is safe, reliable, and very fun! I’ve met some great people who have become real friends. I love meeting new people and SwingTowns is the place to do it!”

A couple from Murfreesboro, Tennessee added, “We LOVE this site, easy to use and full of very cool people! Our shared lifestyle needs places like this where we can be social and supportive of each other without hiding in the shadows.”

That’s what makes SwingTowns the best: quality.

We have the largest community of authentic, passionate swingers on the web. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle, experienced, or you just want to make some friends, you’re sure to find all that you’re looking for and more at the world’s friendliest dating site.

Go to clubs, especially at the beginning.

Not sure how far you want to go? Maybe you’ve never even heard of swinging until today. Where is someone like you supposed to start?

After you’ve talked to your partner, if you have one, and you’ve nabbed that free SwingTowns membership, the next step is to peruse our event calendar and put yourself out there.

Intimidating? That’s okay!

The beauty of going to a club is that it is a remarkably low-pressure experience. Consent is always #1 in swinging, as in any sexual or romantic encounter. You don’t even have to talk to other couples if you don’t want to (though we highly recommend it…if only not to creep out the other party-goers). Going to a club or event is a great way to make friends with those more experienced than you and to learn more about the lifestyle without doing anything you aren’t ready for. While it’s easy to fantasize and make up stories in your head, dipping your toes in the water will help you gain an accurate picture of what real swinging is like. 

The more comfortable you become, the further you and your partner can go. Just remember that you never have to go all the way. Every couple has their own rules about what they will or won’t do during playtime, with some having lots of PIV sex while others don’t even take their pants off. Each experience is different and that’s part of the fun!

Don’t wait.

If you’re doing it for the right reasons, and you know how to communicate with your partner, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t jump in now! 

No one says you have to go fast. In fact, the slower you go (by signing up on our site and talking to others or just going to a club to see what it’s all about) the more likely you are to have fun. By taking your time, you leave plenty of room to discuss boundaries with your partner. You also prevent a lot of mistakes that might otherwise happen in the heat of the moment. 
Go sign up for your free SwingTowns membership now, and while you wait for that sexy lifestyle event to roll around, be sure to read up all the swinging advice, tips, and tricks we have to offer for first-timers on our blog!

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