Sex Tip #18: Dirty painting by Kaila & Rowen

Sex Tip #18: Dirty painting by Kaila & Rowen

About Kaila and Rowen

We are Kaila and Rowen, and we have been dating for 5 years now. We are really not a couch type of couple, we more likely to spend our time within the different activities together. We usually visit theatres, concerts, exhibitions or any other events. Last week we had visited a nude art exhibition in our capital city, and we were really impressed and inspired. We got an idea to change our apartment to the art atelier for this weekend.  

During the week we bought everything necessary as brushes, colors, and canvas. And on Saturday evening we started. We poured a glass of delicate wine, turn on relaxing smooth jazz music, and started to create the first pieces of our art. Firstly, we started with some abstractions. I used my favorite colors – brown, orange and yellow to make a sunset mood. Rowen made seashore from a bird’s eye view. It took a while, but after a couple of glasses, we were finished with not really good pieces of art. We switched from wine to whiskey and thinking about what we could other pair of canvas used for. And suddenly we got it. Let’s paint some nude art. It seems like a lot of fun for us. So I started to pain penis, and Rowen a pussy, sadly we didn’t dare to make portraits of our partner. The results are quite abstract, however, it was a really funny, and exciting experience. We really relaxed, forget about everyday anxieties, and burned with desire for each other.  

What you will need:

  • Art supplies such as canvas, colors of different shades, brushes
  • I recommend playing some calm music that will cause your relaxation
  • To relax your imagination, it is best to pour a glass of wine, but everything in moderation

Why Rowen loves it

I like to watch art, but I never thought I could make it by myself. But when Kaila comes up with this idea, I don’t want to let her down. And I was surprised how time has quickly passed by, and how pleasing it was. And when we started to paint our dirty pieces of art, my libido rapidly growth. My head was full of naughty fantasies and I can’t wait until we finish our paintings and start to discovering everything in reality. 

Why Kaila loves it   

Making art is one of the favorite hobbies of mine. When I want to drop steam I take a canvas, turn on music and paint flowers or nature. I always wanted to share this hobby with Rowen, but after a nude art exhibition, he was ready to do it. During a penis painting, I feel a bit shame, but after a few brush strokes, it started to like it and enjoy every stroke. It was a remarkable spent time and what happened next was absolutely unbelievable, I never experienced Rowen so relaxed and full of passion.  

So what do you think? How we handled it? 🙂

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