Sex Tip #17: Essential Ingredients for Great Sex by TenWaysToTouch

Sex Tip #17: Essential Ingredients for Great Sex by TenWaysToTouch

About Ten Ways

I am a sex blogger (, erotica writer, and scientist. My site is a collection of submitted lists of ten ways that people like to be turned on, teased, touched, have sex, or ten ways to make them come. I also post erotica and sex toy reviews there.

How I made it up

This tip is something I’ve drawn together from my own experiences as well as discussions I’ve had with other sex bloggers.

How to do it

While there is certainly skill involved, my tip is really more of a set of ingredients that make for a hot encounter regardless of how you go about the deed.

When I thought back to the best nights of sex I’ve ever had and what they all had in common I realized there are three things that had to be present in order for the sex to be truly memorable.

Desire– The absolute hottest thing you can do to me during sex is to let me know just how badly you want me. Take my hand and press it against your wet panties. Whisper in my ear that you want to fuck me. Kiss me like you can’t get enough. Look me in the eye with that smouldering stare. Pull me close against your body. Push back as I thrust into you. All of these are things that show me you want me. They convey scorching hot desire and make me putty in your hands. Regardless of what you’re doing with your partner, strive to convey to them your desire.

Enthusiasm– Don’t just show me you want me but do it hard. Fuck me like it’s the last time we’ll ever touch. Go down on me like every fiber of your being is desperate to make me come. Be loud. Scream my name when you come. Tell me that you want me to come for you. When you’re having sex with your lover give them every ounce of your attention and put in all the effort you can. Enthusiasm is sexy and it also conveys desire.

Communication– Tell me all about your fantasy. How should we play this out? While we’re playing, let me know if you want me to touch you harder, faster, a little to the left. Do you like it rough or soft? Is this just a quickie or are we going to make this last all night? Communication is essential. The more I know about what you want, what you expect, and what works for you the hotter the sex is going to be. It also shows me how committed you are to making this special and that shows me your enthusiasm and desire!

Why you will love it

Regardless of what type of relationship you’re in, whether you’re committed or friends with benefits, D/s, kinky, or vanilla these elements are essential. Nothing is hotter than knowing your partner wants you, that they’re going to go put in every effort to please you, and knowing exactly how to please them in return!

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