Sex Tip #15: Have a romantic bath by Brittney & Josh

Sex Tip #15: Have a romantic bath by Brittney & Josh

About Brittney & Josh

We are Brittney and Josh we live together since 2015. I’m a romantic person, and sometimes I miss a few romantics in our relationship. But sometimes we experience some romantics even without passing on our flat.

How we made it up

Not quite long ago, one winter evening, we came back home really late. I was frozen and exhausted. I needed to relax and cheer up. I decided to have a relaxing hot tub, and Josh surprised me that he will prepare it for me. After a while, I reached the bathroom, and I was truly amazed. There were candles everywhere, a pleasant aroma of vanilla oil, and jazz was playing with my phone. And the second-best part? There were two glasses of my favorite white wine – Pinot Gris. But the TOP part was naked Josh is impatiently awaiting me. The exhaustion almost disappears, and I started feeling aroused. Josh slowly puts all my clothes down while he was kissing my neck. And so we both lay down in the tub with hot water and full of fragrant foam. At that place was a great music playing background, and we were enjoying lovely moments together. We were talking, laughing and cuddling, and our thrill was increasing. Every strain of mine disappeared, and I felt fully relaxed. And without stress, I can fully savor the view of Josh’s muscular body. It can seem that men don’t like this sort of foreplay, but what happened after that, ensures me about the opposite. 

What you will need

  • Bathroom with a tub
  • Lots of candles
  • I highly suggest essential oils – vanilla, rose, oriental or coconut
  • Glasses of wine, or a whole bottle
  • Turned off your phones – this one is the most important!

Why Josh loves it

It may appear a bit weird for a man to have such a romantic relaxation moment, but It’s really enjoyable after a long hurry day. And even better if you spend these moments with someone you genuinely love. And it doesn’t have to be only full of relaxation, it’s also quite stimulating too. You know, hot water, your partner’s naked and wet body, sensual touches and so on. Believe me guys, you will love it. 

Why Brittney loves it

Especially during the winter, I love to have a hot bath after a long day. And when Josh had surprised me with a common bath, I was truly excited. I had slacked up, had a glass of wine, and a perfect view of Josh’s body. And as we gradually increased the excitement, the subsequent sex was awesome.

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