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Sex Tip #13: Christmas wax play by Susanna & Zack

About Susanna & Zack

We are Susanna and Zack, we are dating three years now, and this year we moved up together. So this is our first Christmas we are living together, and we would like to share one literally hot tip. BTW we are from Vienna, Austria. 

How we made it up

We are quite conservative, especially about the Christmas holidays. We bake Christmas candies, we decorate our apartment and buying gifts since the end of October. Of course, we can’t miss the Advent wreath.

Last Sunday, when I had lighted the candles, I came up with a dirty and hot idea. And suddenly I can get that idea out of my mind. What about to try a wax play tonight. I’d share this idea with Zack, and he was more than glad about it. He loves to try new stuff in the bedroom, and this was a whole new thing for us.

How to play with wax

I am sure you know what to do, but you should follow a few basic rules. 

1) You should never surprise your partner with hot wax. You should both have consent about it.

2) Fofore you move forward, try to drip hot wax on your hand.

3) More bearable is hot wax after a hot shower when your skin is more warmed up.

4) Have prepared ice cubes for the first aid.

5) Use birthday or tea candle without color and scent

6) Never use bee wax candles (it is way too hot)

7) The higher you drop the wax will be colder

8) You can also buy specific candles for these purposes in a sex shop. These candles have a low melting point, so they are not really hot.

9) Keep in mind that everyone has a different level of tolerable pain.

10) Play safe and move forward slowly

Why Zack loves it

When we have our regular BDSM session, I really enjoy the feeling of absolute dominance. When Sussana came up with the idea of playing with wax, I was absolutely astonished. The attitude that I can do everything with her is indescribable. Every single drop, on hair smooth shaking skin and muffled moan, brings me to a heaven (or hell?). 

Why Susanna loves it

I love the feeling of absolute submission. And in this case, I am absolutely surrounded by Zack. While you are playing with hot wax, you must have developed a certain level of trust with each other. Arousal at danger is so excited. With every drop, I hiss and shink a bit, but it turns in the bliss in a second, and I feel the warmth spreads through my whole body.

And what about you? Do you like wax play?

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