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Having a chronic illness would change your life. It can affect every detail of your own life. And when it comes to activities you took for granted, you may wonder if you will be able to do them again. We mention mainly sex. Will your illness have an impact on your sex life? 

The sexual life that you have always dreamed of, has almost faded. If your life changed due to a chronic illness, your sex life will change too. A chronic illness can reduce the ability to orgasm. But to improve the situation, you have to make some changes and you will turn the loss into a bonus. Is this possible? Well, I won’t tell you some magical bullshit in order to enjoy sex like never before. I will only tell you about nine tips for sex life when having a chronic illness. 

1. Focus on sex not on orgasm:

Many illnesses can cause not achieving orgasm. And trust me, it is the worst experience a man can live. But keep in mind, sex is not only having an orgasm. It is an entire journey and you have to look after every detail of it. Whether you will reach orgasm or not, it is not a big deal. Being less interested in orgasm will free up you to take more care of your sex life. Orgasm is the ending part of the sex act, therefore it’s better to focus on the main part of the act and enjoy it. Even when you can’t have an orgasm! 

2. Lube is helpful: 

Lube can still helpful even though your partner is capable of making you wet. For people suffering for example from MS relapse, they need to touch themselves to come. And lube can be very helpful in such use. The first thing to do is to find the best lubrication by trying different brands to make the right choice. You would be surprised by the huge number of brands. When you suffer from a chronic illness, coming is a complicated task. It will take too much time to have an orgasm. These facts make lube very useful.

You may tell yourself that making love for hours is a good idea, but you have to prepare for that. In case you prefer sex toys, you have to select the appropriate lube for your goals. For the simple reason, there are lubes that you can’t mix them with other sex toys. 

3. Have a plan and make sex your first priority:

When having a chronic illness, believe me, you can have sex every night if you want. But what I advise is to have a planning for your sex time to take care of your body. There is no best time for sex, having sex at night is good, but, according to studies, the morning is better

People who have a chronic disease could have limited energy, I advise them to dedicate a part of their day time for sex.

If you ever feel ready during the day to have sex don’t miss your shot. Cleaning the house can wait, preparing dishes also can wait, so prioritize sex over these boring activities. 

4. No more worries about the appearance:

Every one of us wants to have a perfect body, but once you have an illness, this is out of reach. An ill person can’t have total control over his appearance. Actually, you won’t be able anymore to do hours of workout. It’s normal, your body won’t respond and you will feel the fatigue quickly.

The fact that you will care less about your body appearance and you won’t give importance to the extra weight, will make you stronger. Having by your side a partner who supports you and accepts your appearance will certainly confront you. It does not matter if you have not shaved or you did not do enough workout, this will make sex a better experience. Being with someone who likes you for who you are and not for your body is really awesome. 

5. Exercise to get better:

Intense exercises make your body and brain work better. By making your brain work better, you would feel more relaxed. Improving your body would improve by the way your mindset which has to enhance your sex performance and increase the sensation. 

6. Spontaneity is the key:

Don’t try to make a sex schedule, let is taking place whenever you feel ready. As a person suffering from a chronic disease, it’s preferable to make sex be spontaneous. Actually, fix a day for having sex would be very anxious. Have sex when the possibility is there will work very when you have a partner who understands your illness. 

7. Practice your fantasies:

Getting into a sex adventure with your partner is the perfect way to open up about your desires. For people who have a chronic disease, orgasm is a hard task. The best way to reach it is to try sex differently.

Approaching sex in the best way which goes with your illness is the key point. To have a great partner to whom you’re able to talk openly about your desire will relax. In this way, you will learn the right meaning of sex. 

8. Sex toys are helpful too:

Due to their disabilities, the sensation is a big problem for people who have a chronic illness. It depends on how your body reacts with your illness, you may need a vibrator to stimulate the essential part. And remember, as long as you can’t have sensation, try different sex toys.

9. Forget about your illness:

You have to be strong enough to face your chronic disease and forget about it. Your disease could be a major handicap to have a normal life. To trust yourself, I know it’s not easy when having a chronic disease, it is primordial to beat the illness.

Wrapping up: In the end, you will figure out that the illness is just an idea in your head. Believe in your capabilities and your physical endurance and you will get the happiest sex life.

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