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Sex Tip #10: Punishment diary by Terry & Austin

About Terry & Austin

Let us introduce our selfs a little bit and share our sex tip with you. We are a young married couple with zero kids. We are both start-up founders in the state of California. So you can easily imagine that we are both more than busy during the week. I am a BDSM switch, but Austin is Dom to the bone marrow. 

How we made it up

As I mentioned before we are both highly occupied and really jittery during the week. So the only time we can have sex is during the weekend. In the first place, it was really harmful to our sex life, and relationship then we had sat down and try to figure out how to save it. Then we came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s spend daily five minutes thinking about/talking about sex. And that’s how we came up with the punishment diary. 

How to do it

First of all, get a diary. I recommend an old fashion physical diary instead of an online version. Trust me, you do not want to share your dirtiest secrets with anyone online without full anonymity. 

Then set up a list of misdemeanors that you want to punish, plus give them the number of wounds. Here are some of our examples.

  • irritated answer (10)
  • flirting with a postman (15)
  • forget about date night (15)
  • doesn’t listen actively (5)
  • masturbate (20)
  • hide her tits (10)
  • interpreting gossip (10)
  • spending too much (15)

Then start to write your misbehave in a dairy. And on a prior set up day, in our case, it’s Saturday night, inform your Master about your behavior. And then accept the corporal punishment. 

Why Austin loves it

It’s so crazily sexy that she things about our Saturday sex all week long. Sometimes when she comes home, and I saw little devils in her eyes I know she writes down something in her diary. And then my imagination works on fifth gear.

And a little tip for you: try to be creative with your punishment. Use different tools or spots.

Why Terry loves it

Yeah, I am such a dirty girl. With every new line, my excitement rises a little bit and when Saturday night comes closer I am so horny and so much looking forward to my punishment. 

What would be the most common offense in your diary?

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