Our #QuarantineSexChallenge

Our #QuarantineSexChallenge

You probably heard about COVID-19. And yeah, it’s so annoying. Especially if you have to stay at home for 14 days as we do. So we started to think about what we should do together. Our relationship is great, but we are used to working late hours and then spend some active time together. Now we have plenty of free time because the industry we both work in really slowed down these days. 

So we discovered, we can work more on our relationship. And then we were hit by an idea. Brilliant idea, in my humble opinion. Let’s have sex every single day for 14 days! It sounds crazy in the first place because we are used to having sex twice a week. But then we thought, let’s make a challenge about it.

And if we can do it. You can do it too! Let’s share the ideas together. Use hashtag #QuarantineSexChallenge to inspire other couples. Blog about it, tweet about it just spread the words about it!

Day #1

It was our first sex after a month. Yeah, quite a long period, but we had a really stressful period in our work lives. We wanted to start really slow and with something a bit new. So we plugged in our new red light bulb and played this playlist on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaf_xeeQlGk). 

I must admit that despite we’ve done regular things the red light gives to it the aroma of naughtiness, and we are certainly going to use it again for our BDSM session.  

Day #2

It was a quite weird feeling for us to have sex just right after the day we had it. But it challenged us to be more creative and don’t do the same successful and easy going routine. So we decided not to have penetrative sex at all this evening.

We started with our favorite brush play (LEARN MORE). When he had been brushing my lower back, I almost crave for the touch of his hands. And when he had been brushing my breasts and inner tights “ahhhhh” I can’t wait for what’s going to happen next and I was so damn wet. Then we continued with a perfect lick job, successfully ended with a strong orgasm. Note: for a perfect lick job, it’s necessary to put everything in it, not just lick like ice cream and worry about not to dirty your mouth. And when Jay was down on me, I realized that I can appraise cunnilingus much more when I know it’s not entreé but the main dish. And I absolutely loved that.   

Then I brushed Jay, he loves to be brushed on his penis. After that, I gave him a sensual blow job finished by dick massage. We don’t do this often, but I love how he shakes in orgasm after I care about him this way.   

And that’s not all my dear folks. We get back to me again and we ended it up with my favorite vibrating egg. Jay had slowly circulated on my clit with it and with the second hand, he had stimulated my G-spot. So the score ended 1:2, but I am more than sure we both have equal fun.   

Day #3 

Yesterday was the third day of our challenge. And we must really think about what naughty activity we should do. And because we miss some cultural enjoyment during the quarantine, we decided to watch some high-quality film, more specifically porn film. Lol. We want our bedroom, switch off the lights, make ourselves comfortable, and started searching for the perfect one. We wanted to reminisce about summer, so we find one that takes place in a swimming pool. It was so hot. We were quite aroused, but we controlled ourselves and we save our passion for the next days of the challenge.

Day #4 

The 4th day we really enjoyed it. The night before, we´ve saved our passion and just aroused ourselves by porn. And this night was an absolute blast! We were full of sexual energy, and it must go out. And Jay decided that I need a drilling lesson, and I was not in a mood to contradict. We took out our homemade spreader bar (thank you Josh & Tina) and many other sex toys, and also my absolute favorite one – riding crop. And because I was so naughty all-day, I have to be punished. And I was punished so well 😋.

Time #5 

The fifth day was quite cold here. The temperature felt down significantly, and it was also reflected in our mood. That’s the reason why we were thinking about something that heats us a little bit, and it’s going to be also very intimate. You probably know where we are going. We poured glasses of our favorite Prosecco, played Andrea Bocelli, and had a hot, steamy bath. We had been talking, touching our carnal naked bodies, and deepened our intimacy immensely.

Day #6 

This day we weren’t wake up in the right mood and definitely not in the mood for sex. So what would be the easiest way to get this challenging day through? Let’s have a quickie right now. Just used a bit of mouthwash, set stopwatch, and let’s do it. 3,21 minutes, not our best time, but you know, we weren’t in the mood.

Day #7 

The seventh day is here! We’re finally at the half! And Jay is like pain in the ass. He’s quite workaholic, so he’s missing to work 110% and I get it. The whole day we barely speak to each other. Hence, when it was time to go sleep, I surprised Jay with my police officer uniform and it was time to punish his bad all day behavior. And if he wanted to escape this only with the condition, he had to do all I desired. His tongue was quite rested after the day of silence, and then I immediately took advantage of it. It was great, but my revenge wasn’t complete at all yet. And then he had to fuck me until I was completely satisfied. I’d loved the way he looks so desperate to cum. Thus, after a few more minutes of teasing, I finally let him cum on my tits.

Day #8 

The eight-day was the day of mind stimulation. We were talking for almost two hours what way we’re going to have sex until the end of the year. Here are a few things from the list.

  • sex bellow the stars
  • hotel room sex in the maid outfit
  • sex in the car
  • update our sex photo yearbook
  • visit swingers club
  • build some sex furniture

Day #9 

Oh shit! The first day of monthlies just started. But we will find a way how to finish our challenge. So today I just give a Jay a BJ. He was glad, but it only made me horny and stressed.

Day #10 

The second day of the monthlies, usually only one more to go. I was quite uneasy today, so we decided to massage each other this evening. I had laid down on my front and Jay started to massaging me all the way from my shoulders to the feet. Oh, it was so great, but the best was yet to come. Then I turned, and Jay gently massaged my face, and then my boobs. It didn’t cause an orgasm, but it was so pleasant. I am not always in a mood for a boob play, but when I got “IT” my nipples are so sensitive, and Jay just knows really well how to treat them, at this time of the month. Next, I started to play with my tits by myself and Jay finished by jerking off on me.

Day #11

Our creativity level was really low that day. So we ended it up only with the normal BJ just after the shower and before the nightly movie. We watched the Burlesque if anyone would be interested. Not a bad movie, but BJ was better.

Day #12

Finally! Monthlies are over. When I discovered it in the morning. I jumped with Jay to the bed again, and we had great morning sex. I especially enjoyed the doggy style today. After all, it’s probably my most favorite position, but today it was even better. I squeezed pillow and moaned harshly into it. He pounded me so well that I cum twice.

Day #13

Shower sex time! It was quite cloudy and windy this day, so we decided to have sex in a hot steamy shower. We started with a bit of fingering and jerking, and then I lean forward so Jay can enter me from behind. We were pounding it for a while, but we finished by BJ and shower head masturbation.

Day #14

The last day is finally here! I must tell you, it’s not easy doing it for 14 days in a row. We aren’t in the mood to have sex at all, maybe later today. So instead of having sex, we decided to evaluate these 14 days. 


  • we have strengthened our intimacy
  • we did not get depressed from self-quarantine
  • we tried to be more creative (it didn’t always work out)


  • the sex by itself was less pleasurable than usual
  • it was much harder to achieve orgasm for both of us
  • the orgasms weren’t really powerful 

So it’s only up to you if you want to join us. After all, we would recommend you to do it only for one week or have rule one day sex and one day off. In our opinion, it’s much better to respect your moods and needs for sex. 

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