Sex Tip #3 Write sex story to each other by Judith & Lewis

Sex Tip #3: Write sex story to each other by Judith & Lewis

About Judith & Lewis

Hi, this is Judith and Lewis, we met 7 years ago and dating 5 years now. We met at one east coast university. Judith studied economics and Lewis international business.

How we made it up

I must share the story with you of how my boyfriend makes me wet even in times when we are more than 1000 miles apart. It began already at the university when we had to split for the summer. I was usually going back to my hometown to Arizona and Lewis to the New Jersey. It was very tough for us because we couldn’t put our hands down from each other. One summer, when I started unpacking my clothes a letter felt down from my underwear. I started reading it. It was from Lewis, he must put it there while I was sleeping last night at dorm. I was so excited that I must lay down. And while I was reading I felt butterflies in my … a little bit lower than the stomach. In this letter, my lover described in real detail what he would like to do to me if we were on holiday together in Europe. I had to read that letter three times before I finally read it. And in those pauses, I took advantage of my not so old memories about Lewis. 

What you will need

To be honest not every one of us is writing talented like Lewis. You must write a few of them to give 100% of yourself. 

So you will need a pen, paper and a lot of imagination. Extra may be a treasure box for your love stories with the lock that you can open just you two. 

How to do it

When you expect a longer time without each other. Write each other a sex story that will keep you looking forward to your upcoming meeting. It is only about you what you will write about. If you like fantasy, sci-fi, romance or even BDSM. It is just about what you and your lover like. 

What Lewis like it most about it

It’s not the biggest fun writing it. The biggest fun is imagining as she reading it. I suggest starting slow, not put many vulgarities and set up the scene right. 

What Judith like it most about it

Sometimes I have a problem to reveal to Lewis what I would like to do and how I would like to be treated in the bedroom. It is so much easier if I put my wishes into the fictional story. 

Did you already write a sex story to your lover? What it was about?

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