Sex Tip #2 Read erotic books by Michelle & Ray

Sex Tip #2: Read erotic books by Michelle & Ray

About Michelle & Ray

We are Ray and Michelle, a married couple for 40 years now with two grown-up kids. We live in the state of Michigan. Former restaurant owners. To date, we have read more than 100 erotic books.

How we made it up

The first erotic novel comes to us long before the Fifty shades of grade. It was at the end of the 80s when one of the other moms in the park told me about one book she is reading with her husband. It was Fanny Hill! I never heard about it before but when she was describing it to me I know I must read it. I asked her if she could borrow it to me and she agreed. Later that week I found it in our mailbox. I started reading it just by myself and I can’t wait until the afternoon when our kid went sleep for an hour or two. And yes I am sure you know why. 

What you will need

You will need only your favorite book, time and your unique imagination. 

How to do it

1) You can read it just by yourself and trust me it is much better than porn. 

2) Try to read it together especially if you find out your spouse’s voice sexy as much as I do. Also when it is read by someone else you have free hands. 

Our choice of favorites

Don’t get us wrong but We like the old ones more. In those books, seems that everything is so easy and all that matters is food, friendship, and sex.

Our top 5:

1) Fanny Hill

2) Lady Fuckingham

3) Juliette

4) Margot La Ravaudeuse

5) Les Liaisons Dangereuses

What Ray like it most about it

What I like most about it is when I read those books in front of my lovely wife I see little devils in her eyes while she is dreaming of the erotic situations I read about. Also when I read long enough, I can see my usually a bit shy wife, as she is playing with herself. 

What Michelle like it most about it

As I mention before I love the simplicity of the described worlds and the fact I can imagine the sexiest characters just on my own and I don’t have to satisfy with the faces that were picked by the movie director.

And what is your favorite erotic novel?

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