#1 Tickling by paintbrush by Jay & Jessica

Sex Tip #1: Tickling by paintbrush by Jay & Jennifer

About Jay & Jennifer

We are Jennifer and Jay and we are a young married couple who is highly attracted to sex and all sexy topics. We are also founders of this page.

How we made it up

It happened when I do my regular Sunday afternoon painting and Jay secretly stole me one of my paint brushes. Later that day Jay suggested to me to give me my favorite back rub. Oh, I love those. So I get naked and jumped into the bed. He started rubbing my back with his hands and suddenly I felt something really exciting on my nape. It felt so soft as a little feather. It was somehow insatiable making me want more and more. So when he finally gets to my underbelly I was horny and wet as never before. 

What you will need

I suggest you buy a whole lot of paintbrushes so you can try what you like the most. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money you can try it on your forehand and see what will drive you crazy like me.  

Note: Be aware of really hard paintbrushes, it doesn’t feel really great on the softer parts of your body.

How to do it

Vanilla style: You can do it like we did the first time. I like it on my back and neck as a form of foreplay. But I am sure that you can find the best spot for you. The searching is also part of the fun.

BDSM style: If you want to spice things up a little bit as we did last Friday. I highly suggest you get tied up and let your lover tease you as long as he/she deems it appropriate.

What Jay likes it most about it

I like the BDSM variant better, it’s so soft but so powerful weapon. I can tease her as long as she gets literally crazy for me and needs her orgasm so much. Vanilla style is also nice when I want to do something nice for her after a long day.

What Jennifer likes it most about it

Love it. Love it! Love it!!! It is one of the best things we do together. It has such a gradual onset, but when you get beyond a certain level, then only one sensual touch is enough and you are on cloud nine.

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